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Week 24. First stimuli

Around week 24 the fetus begins to receive the first stimuli from the outside world. Almost all its little sensory organs (ear, nose, taste buds and nerves) are already mature. This is a key stage because your baby starts to interpret the world, to interact, to explore and to learn. To begin with, it becomes familiar with smells and tastes from the outside and from the mother (such as milk) through the amniotic fluid. If it likes them, this will encourage the child to eat when born.

The only sense that your baby can not experience during these weeks is sight. It may perceive some brightness coming from a strong light like the sun, but the uterus has very thick walls and is very dark. Even so, babies open and close their eyes at this stage. This movement is the precursor of the flickering reflection.

The baby will already be more than half a kilo and will grow up to 22 centimetres.


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