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Multiple pregnancy, a risk pregnancy?

Multiple pregnancies are outside the habitual thing. The body is prepared to have children one by one. For that reason, this is a risk pregnancy. Nevertheless, if you know that you are going to be a mother of more than one baby simultaneously, you must be calm. The gestation and the childbirth are not always complicated, although multiple pregnancy mothers are exhibited to more diseases than the rest. A good attitude in front of this peculiar state will help you to carry it with fewer inconveniences.

Some of the complications that can entail the multiple pregnancies are anaemia, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, haemorrhages previous to childbirth or premature childbirth. These can be mitigated through a suitable control, so you will have to go to the doctor more frequently than in a habitual pregnancy.


Dizygotic twins.. They are born from two ova that are fertilized by two spermatozoa. It takes place something similar to two simultaneous pregnancies, each of them having its own placenta, which diminishes some of the risks in multiple pregnancies. This is the most frequent multiple pregnancy. The babies can have different sex and its similarity will be the habitual one between brothers and sisters.

Monozygotic twins. . An ovum fertilized by a spermatozoon (1 egg) is divided in two or more cells that independently continue their development giving as a result two or more embryos. Your twins will have identical physical, emotional and sex characteristics, since they share the same genetic load.

  • If the ovum is divided 48 hours after fertilization, 2 placentas and two sacs will form.
  • If it takes place between 3 and 8 days after fertilization, 1 single placenta will form that will feed the 2 sacs. This is the more frequent twin pregnancy.
  • When it takes place after 9-12 days, there will be 1 placenta and a unique sac for both or more babies. There is only a 1% chance.
  • In case it happens after 13 weeks, also 1 unique placenta and 1 sac will be created, but the babies will be siamese. There is hardly 1 case between 600.

In multiple childbirths, there is a major chance of the childbirth is by the means of Cesarean operation. Anyway, the kind of birth will depend on the evolution of your pregnancy and the position in which your babies are when in labor.


Do not believe that the amount of milk you will produce is going to be not enough for your babies. You will have the double of weight than in a simple pregnancy, the double of hormones will excite you. You will have two babies, which means your breasts will also be doubly stimulated and the production of milk in your breasts will be sufficient.

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