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From week 35 to birth

It’s been already more than 35 weeks of gestation! You are about to finish nine months of pregnancy. The last transformations are as important as the first. There is a very peculiar change: some women see their navel stick out as a result of last stretches of the belly. On the other hand, the baby comes to engage: the baby places itself in a fetal position, with the head in the lower part of the pelvis, and rests in the neck of the uterus. It weighs more than ever and you will notice that it exerts pressure on the bladder. Therefore, it is possible that you must urinate very frequently. The cervix (the neck of the uterus) is going to dilate, to prepare itself for the childbirth.

The swelling of ankles and feet is normal at this stage. Put your feet up and relax whenever necessary.

You know there is a series of signals that will warn you that you are going to give birth:

  • You lose blood
  • Your waters break
  • You have regular and intense contractions that do not stop although you change position it will still persist

It has been 9 months of gestation, 40 weeks of wait. It is time for the childbirth.

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