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From week 27 to 30

From now on the hormonal changes can vary week to week. It is normal that your feet begin to swell. Even so, if the swelling lasts much or if it happens to the face, tell your specialist. The formation of stretch marks in the chests and the belly is very common in this period of time.

At the same time, you can feel the so called Braxton Hicks contractions. Although there are women who do not go through this, these contractions (that are named after the first doctor who described them) is the uterus shrinking, which begin after week 6 of the pregnancy. Nevertheless, if you feel it, it will be from week 29 or 30. This is normal, but in case you feel more than 5 contractions per hour it is recommendable to tell a doctor. You could be in labor before time. Even so, don’t worry. After 7 months the fetus will be developed enough so that a healthy baby can be born, although it would need to be under control and in the incubator for some weeks.

More than 27 weeks have already passed and the baby weighs a few kilos more. You will note that being pregnant you have a sense of balance different from the habitual one. Be careful not to fall.

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