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From week 31 to 34

From week 31 to week 34, you can feel stronger contractions. But unless you exceed the average of 5 contractions per hour, it will be normal. Your chests begin to form milk and you will observe that a little bit of colostrum will come out. Colostrum is a liquid to feed your baby until you begin to produce milk. Your belly has already a considerable size so it is more and more difficult to sleep. Make yourself comfortable looking for new positions or using pillows.

The baby begins to take up part of the space for your lungs, so your breathing can vary throughout these weeks. The fetus is also gaining space in your stomach; therefore, from week 32, it is advisable to make 5 or 6 small meals per day.

There are only 8 weeks left to be in labor and you can undergo new changes. You will increase your weight around a kilo per week. Consult your doctor if you have stomach aches, if you feel the baby makes pressure downwards or, on the contrary, if the baby moves less than in previous weeks. Likewise, consult your doctor if your eyes cloud over or you see spots, or if you lose blood or another liquid by the vagina. Although it is normal to have contractions, remember that more than 5 contractions per hour mean that childbirth begins.

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