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Pregnancy documentary

Here you will find a documentary by National Geographic explaining the process of pregnancy in images. You will see in great detail some of the changes we speak about in our Web. The documentary has been created from real images of four-dimension ecographies and images created by computer. Altogether, it is a good illustration of the wonderful trip of life. Enjoy it.

First part. From a cell to a baby in 9 months

Part 2. The beginning of the trip. The conception

Part 3. The first weeks. The formation of the embryo

Part 4. From week 8 to 9. The embryo becomes a fetus

Part 5. From week 10 to 12. The metamorphosis of the fetus

Part 6. From week 13 to 23. The fetus moves

Part 7. Week 24. The development of senses

Part 8. Week 25-26. The ear and the preparation for life outside the uterus

Part 9. Week 26. Growing quickly

Part 10. Week 28 to 38. The baby’s first memory

Part 11. Week 38-40. The end of the trip

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