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Week 8. First traits. The placenta feeds the baby

The fetus is now between 1.5 and 2 centimetres. It already has eyelids, nose and upper lip and ears are beginning to form. The body is lengthening; one can recognize what will become the arms and legs and see the skeleton through the baby’s skin, which is translucent. The skeleton is formed by a still soft cartilage, not bone. The organs like heart and liver, function and continue to specialize.

So far, the embryo depended on the yolk sac that, as it is said, provides nutrients and blood cells during these first weeks. After 2 months, your future child stops being an embryo to become officially a fetus. It is then that the placenta assumes the role of feeding it through the umbilical cord attached to the uterus. From now on this will be its feeding system throughout pregnancy. It will receive food, oxygen and water, but also other harmful substances that you, as a mother, may consume. Be careful with certain drugs, nicotine or alcohol.


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