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Week 35. Already a big kid

It has been already 8 months. Your little one is already a cramped and heavy baby. In fact, its brain and head have already reached their maximum size. Your baby has produced 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections that will last all its life long. And it started 28 weeks ago! (in week 7). Should you have a premature childbirth at this stage, the baby could survive without problems. Although, of course, the more time it is within your belly, the more developed and healthy it will be when born.

In these last weeks, your body will transfer to your baby temporary immunity against infantile diseases (like mumps and measles). The baby will be protected until it has its first vaccines.

The skin is smooth and the lanugo begins to fall.

Now begins the period of the fast increase in weight. Your baby will gain between 250 and 350 grams per week. It is already 3 kilos.


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