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Week 2. First forms. The neural tube

Pregnancy is measured in weeks after your last period, but the baby is conceived before. From week 2 what we call embryo develops. The embryo is basically a head, a trunk and a curled tail. The first weeks of pregnancy are very important because, although it is still an embryo, the foundations of what will be its body, its traits and its nervous system begin to develop.

Two small eye cavities appear and the shaping of its little ears and eyes enter a primary phase. In addition, space appears for bones, muscles, kidneys, lungs, intestines and digestive system.
The neural tube also begins to develop, a tube in the open without skin or bones that will become the brain, spinal cord and nervous system and spine.

The placenta, the organ that will nourish the baby in the next nine months, also begins to form. Your blood volume increases by 50% to cope with the demand for oxygen for the fetus growing within you. Within your body, you create a safe world for your baby to develop, a space protected from the outside world.

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