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Week 1. First steps of the fertilized ovum

Your fertilized ovum (reached by a sperm), is divided for the first time only 1 day after being fertilized. The division continues in the following days and a ball is formed. The ball is called blastocyst and within the first 4 days it might be over 100 cells. After 5 days, these cells begin to split into 2 groups. The group of cells in the outer ring will form the placenta that will welcome your baby. The cells of the inner ring will become the embryo itself. These inner cells are called stem cells and have the extraordinary ability to develop into more than 200 cell types of the body (for that reason they are so interesting to investigate treatments for certain diseases).

After 7 days, the fertilized ovum goes down the fallopian tubes and reaches the uterus, which will be its refuge for the next 9 months.

A week has already passed since conception. However, you will not know anything about your pregnancy until you miss your first period. Nevertheless, it must be said, there are mothers who feel hormonal changes right away. Whatever happens, you’re pregnant. Congratulations!

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