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Week 18. Your baby can mourn. And also hear

The baby can yawn and make facial gestures. It can even have hiccups. The vocal cords are already ready and it may mourn. You may at last begin to feel some movements because the baby starts to move his hands and kicks harder. If you’ve already had a baby, you will recognize these movements right away. If this is your first pregnancy, perhaps you will not perceive this until two weeks later. Its eyes and ears already reach their final location this week.

The stomach begins to operate around week 18: the baby swallows amniotic fluid to exercise the digestive system.

Moreover, the bones of the inner ear and brain nerve terminals are now developed enough. You can start to hear to the heart beats and also the blood running through the umbilical cord too. The growth of the baby continues, albeit at a slower pace. It will be about 14 centimetres and 150 grams.

Around this week you will have your second ecography. Here the anatomy of the baby and its growth rate can be analyzed. It can also be used to predict potential complications.


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