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I can’t get pregnant. Is there any solution?

Are you worried? Many people that want to have a baby find that the pregnancy does not arrive. This is a complicated situation, but there is no need to throw the towel in just yet. Go to the doctor to find out the potential obstacle and if there is some solution. If you cannot have children with your partner, due to sterility or infertility, you will have heard about new treatments of assisted reproduction that allow making fertilization easier. The most known treatments are artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, the later has different variants. They have strange names, but you will have certainly heard about them in more than an occasion. Although they have moderate percentage of success, they contribute great doses of hope.


If you cannot get pregnant after a year maintaining sexual relations in a regular basis and without using contraceptives, you could be against a case of sterility, feminine or masculine. There are different types of sterility: the primary (if you have never got pregnant) and the secondary one (if you have undergone a pregnancy, finishing in birth or abortion).


We talk about infertility when, after getting pregnant, the mother cannot carry out the gestation and undergo several abortions.


In the artificial insemination, spermatozoa are placed in the vagina through a no natural way.


Using in vitro fertilization, ova are extracted from you and fertilization is made with the spermatozoa in a laboratory. After some days, the resulting embryo is inserted in the maternal uterus. There are other similar techniques:

  • intracytoplasmic sperm microinjection
  • preimplantational genetic diagnosis
  • assisted hatching

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