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Premature failure of the sac

The “breakage of the sac” consists of the loss of amniotic fluid through the genitals without being in labour. When the sac is broken, the germs in the neck of the uterus and the vagina can invade the amniotic fluid and can cause an infection to the baby. If you think that the sac has broken you must go immediately to a specialist. A vaginal examination will confirm or deny it. Often, the exit of liquid through the vagina is simply incontinence or abundant vaginal flow.

If the breakage takes place before week 32, your doctor will try to extend your pregnancy some weeks, because the premature risk is major that the one of fetal infection. The doctor will recommend you to rest, and will probably prescribe antibiotics and medication to accelerate the maturation of the baby’s lungs. In addition, the doctor will do a series of tests to you to diagnose infection signs. If the presence of infection is confirmed, they will bring about the child with the purpose of avoiding major risks for the baby. However this only happens in 2% of pregnancies.

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