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Premature childbirth. What do I do?

A premature childbirth is considered to be a birth that takes place before week 37 from gestation. The premature babies have more risks of undergoing health problems that the babies who achieve the 40 weeks of gestation. Even so, the current medicine allows that a baby born with only 30 weeks can live a little while in the incubator with all the necessary cares so that it can develop correctly. The pregnancy can even be extended when risks of premature childbirth are detected. A combination of medicine and some rest will help. Medicines called glucocorticoids, administered 24 hours before the childbirth, can help to accelerate the maturity of the baby’s lungs and brain so this way, it will reduce some problems.

What brings about the premature childbirths?

Stress, maternal health antecedents, some infection and bad habits like smoking, drinking or taking other drugs have much to do in some cases. Nevertheless, there are a very high percentage of premature childbirths from which the causes are not known.


  • Contractions that cause your belly to become much hardened every 10 minutes or more
  • Change in the colour of the vaginal flow, or bleeding
  • The sensation that your baby is pushing downwards too early
  • Weak pain in the low part of the back
  • Bellyache with or without diarrhoea

I think I’m in premature labour. What do I do?

Do not hurry if you have few symptoms. However, if everything indicates that you will have a premature childbirth, have a rest, drink liquids (never coffee or refreshments) and go directly to the hospital. There, the doctor will do an internal examination of the uterine neck for you. If the neck is dilating, it is possible that your baby is ready to be born.

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